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Augsburg University Library is a centralized library system providing books and other media for the staff and students of all faculties of the University of Augsburg as well as for people outside the academic community in need of scholarly information.

Augsburg University Library is an integrated system consisting of the Central Library and three branch libraries, all of which are answerable to the head librarian.

Please note that CAMPUS CARDS are issued only by members of the library staff proper, not by student assistants.

There are also some magazines of general interest available in the Central Library.If you wish to borrow books, request books from the stacks, or request books on interlibrary loan, you will need a CAMPUS CARD (library card).To obtain a CAMPUS CARD you must be over 16 years of age and produce either a German identity card / passport or written confirmation by the registration office that you have a permanent address in Germany.Databases are also listed in the Datenbank-Infosystem (DBIS), and e-journals in the Electronic Journal Library.Please note that many of the e-books and e-journals may only be accessed from the campus of Augsburg University, or if you have installed a VPN client on your personal device.

Dating website deutschland Augsburg

Augsburg University Library offers a large variety of electronic media (e-books, e-journals, databases).All of them may be retrieved from the OPAC (online catalogue).If you want to make photocopies or printouts in the library, though, you need a CAMPUS CARD, which you must charge before using these facilities.The internet may be accessed from numerous terminals throughout the library.They are all located on the campus site of the University of Augsburg.

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About 50% of the library's holdings are on open access; the other 50% are stored in stacks which are not open to users.You need, though, a CAMPUS CARD if you want to use these terminals, and usage is restricted to 3 hours per day for non-university card holders.There is a small number of terminals from which you may access the OPAC (online catalogue) even if you do not hold a CAMPUS CARD.You do not have to pay for reading books and accessing other media inside the library, or for borrowing books (provided you return them in time).If you bring along your own USB stick or flash card, you may also use cost-free scanning facilities, even if you do not hold a CAMPUS CARD.

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